What is this crazy opportunity?

Hi Bloggers,

So on New Year’s Eve I was thinking about my resolutions for 2016 and I could not think of anything new that I wanted to definitely accomplish before the end of the year. I prayed about it and decided that faith should lead me. I decided that this year I want to learn to trust God with all my heart and accept what he has in store for me.

I woke up on New Year’s Day and went downstairs to grab a drink of water (and I should mention I was in Florida on vacation visiting family for Christmas and New Years) and my cousin happened to be downstairs preparing for her job interview. We started talking about jobs and I told her now that I have graduated college, I want to work in intervention and i want to potentially helping those in poverty and in the foster care system.

She went on to tell me that her neighbor and good friend is the CEO of a company and she could talk to her about giving me a job. I brushed it off not thinking anything of it because Florida is just a little too far from home. However, a few hours later that same neighbor happened to drop by to give my cousin a Christmas present and I introduced myself. After talking to her for several minutes, she asked me to send her my resume and told me that she would give me a job if I want one, but that I would have to move to Florida. She also said that they would pay for grad school if I decided to study in Florida.

After talking to my family about it and really praying and thinking about it, I think I want to go for it. The opportunity seems so unreal because I never thought I would leave home for a job right after college. I have been applying to jobs only in my area and have not been so successful yet, so I believe this may be my shot. What do you think about this opportunity? Should I go for it?

Ckgirl 😀


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