Trying New Things

I went ice skating!

Hello Bloggers,

Last month I decided to sign up for ice skating lessons. While it may be something that people generally make pick up as they are growing up, I have actually never ice skated before. I showed up the the rink pumped and ready to go, and as I was standing in line, I noticed that I was the only adult waiting to be checked in. Luckily, once we divided into groups, there was actually another adult there.

Once on the ice, I was instantly afraid of falling and to my relief, the first lesson was how to properly fall. We then went on to learn how to march on the ice and then glide and how to squat in case we feel like falling. The last lesson was learning how to swizzle, which I had a hard time doing. I can honestly say that I felt stupid the whole time and I managed to fall a few times. After 30 minutes with the instructor, we had a 30 minute break and were then able to go back on the ice to practice what we learned. I had a friend  who was there to help me practice, and despite feeling like a failure the whole time, she actually kept telling me that I was doing a good job.

Overall, it was a challenging yet fun experience. My next lesson is next Monday and I am planning to practice bending my knees and keeping my legs straight for the time being. My advice to you, however, is if you really want to take up ice skating, even just for fun, you may want to start before you are 23.

Until next time,

Ckgirl 😀


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