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I lost 20 pounds in 2015!


Hey y’all!

Losing weight has always been a challenge for me. It is honestly one of the hardest things for me to achieve. I have always been a chubbier girl and I hate it. Although over time I have learned to accept and love myself for who I am, I still want to be thinner. My parents constantly remind me that I need to lose weight because it looks better and for health reasons. I currently wear a size 14 and I am 5’5.

During my college years, I was struggling with the classes I was taking and I had poor eating and sleeping habits. I probably gained about 40 pounds in college alone. Then in fall 2014 I made the best decision for myself. I changed my major to public health (NO MORE CHEMISTRY) which instantly made me happier and I was actually learning for once, rather than crying my eyes out because the material did not click. I went from being depressed to being full of life again. I stopped having a negative mentality, and for the first time in years, I started losing weight. 

I lost about five pounds between January and April just by eating and sleeping better. Then the day after Easter, I decided to go on a sugar detox. Although, I did not cut out all foods that were on  by Diane SanFilippo, I did manage to lose 10 pounds between April and June. Then in July I started a new temporary job and fell off track of my sugar detox, although it was not horrible. I gained about 3-4 pounds back between July and November. Then last month, my coworker told me her gym is doing a sugar detox competition (the one based on the book by Diane Sanfilippo), so I decided that I wanted to do it with her.

Between November 30 and January 1st, I lost a 8 pounds, making that a total of 20 pounds for 2015, and I feel amazing! I should also mention that I did begin exercising more and belly dancing again (which is my favorite hobby). I bought a dress that is size 10, and while it may not fit me now, I am working hard to fit into it hopefully by summer 2016.

My advice to you if you want to lose weight is to go for it and think about the end result rather than how you feel at the start. Also, eat smaller portions more frequently and treat yourself from time to time, because you are human. I found that the more I craved things, the more likely I was to give up and pig out. You may even want to sugar detox! Lastly, find a friend to do it with you, take pictures so you can see your progress, and maybe buy a smaller sized dress or pants that you can work your way to fit into.

Until next time,

CKgirl 😀

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