My Day Today! :D

Brrrrr it’s cold!

Hello Bloggers,

I stepped out of my house this morning to a big slap to the face from the wind. Not only is it freezing out there, I believe it said 20 degrees but feels like 10 on the radio, but it is super windy! The downside to it all is it hasn’t snowed at all! We may have seen a flurry or two, but that does not count. If there is not enough snow out there to give me a snow day, it does not count! According to, snow is coming, but the map does not show it hitting the east coast. Blah! I either want snow or summer! That job in Florida is sounding great right about now. I guess I’ll have to wear my pajamas inside out or put a spoon under my pillow in order for it to snow.

Until next time,

CKgirl 😀



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