My Day Today! :D

Do you wanna dance?

Good Morning Bloggers,

If you have read my previous posts, I have blogged about the ice-skating class that I am currently taking. Next week is my last class for basic 1 and it is also test day. I am nervous about passing because I haven’t exactly mastered the skills I was taught, although I have been practicing and feel much more comfortable on the ice.

This leads me to my topic of the day. I was reading on how to improve at ice-skating and talking to my instructors, and many people suggested taking some type of dance class. I looked up a dance studio in my area and there is one less than 10 minutes away from my house. I saw that they have a toning class for adults, which is fairly cheap compared to ice-skating, and I emailed the director to tell him or her that I am interested in taking classes and would like to know how to sign up.

Looking back, I wish that I started this a long time ago, but my dad did not approve of it, claiming the clothing was “inappropriate.” Now I am a 23-year-old adult who has decided that it is never to late to start. I know how to belly-dance because it is in my culture, but taking a toning/dance class will help me develop more stamina and strengthen the muscles that I need to use on the ice. What do you think?

Until next time,

CKgirl 😀



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